#41 Dave Matthews Band (violin cover)

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41dmbdave matthews bandcoverit's so good guys cmon

idk if they played sweet or not


idk if they played sweet or not

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FirstMerit Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island, N2

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50 Dave Matthews Band Asks

  • Favorites:
  • 1. Song?
  • 2. Song from solo album?
  • 3. Collaborative song?
  • 4. Studio album?
  • 5. Live album?
  • 6. Lyric?
  • 7. Band member?
  • 8. Cover song?
  • 9. Unreleased song?
  • 10. Venue you've been to?
  • 11. Opening act?
  • 12. Davespeak?
  • 13. Merchandise you own?
  • 14. Music video?
  • 15. DMB tumblr blog(s)?
  • 16. Dave movie role?
  • Talk about:
  • 17. The first time you heard DMB.
  • 18. The first time you saw them live.
  • 19. An interesting story at a show.
  • 20. What you would do/say if you met the band.
  • 21. A time when you shared DMB with someone else. Did they like them?
  • 22. The reasons why you love the band.
  • 23. A song that makes you happy.
  • 24. A song that makes you sad.
  • Have you ever:
  • 25. Seen them live?
  • 26. Cried from a song?
  • 27. Been to The Gorge?
  • 28. Met a band member?
  • 29. Caught Carter's drumstick at a show?
  • 30. Been in the warehouse club?
  • 31. Been followed by Stefan on Twitter?
  • 32. Been followed by Boyd on Twitter?
  • 33. Seen LeRoi Moore live?
  • 34. Seen Butch Taylor live?
  • 35. Learned a DMB song on an instrument? Which?
  • 36. Been to Caravan?
  • 37. Got a DMB tattoo?
  • 38. Had a DMB car decal?
  • This or that:
  • 39. Out of My Hands or Everybody Wake Up?
  • 40. Little Thing or An' Another Thing?
  • 41. Pantala Naga Pampa or Rapunzel?
  • 42. American Baby Intro or American Baby?
  • 43. Under the Table and Dreaming or Crash?
  • 44. Away From the World or Busted Stuff?
  • 45. Live at Central Park or Live at Piedmont Park?
  • 46. Dave with acoustic or electric guitar?
  • 47. Dave & Tim or DMB?
  • 48. Steve Lillywhite or Rob Cavallo?
  • 49. Dave and Tim at Radio City or Luther College?
  • 50. Halloween or Don't Drink the Water?
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dmbdave matthews bandyooooo look at these! so sweetdmb asksask us any of these and we'll answer!aka i'll make jeremy and billy and whoever else answer
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There Is a Guard at the Gate


There is a guard at the gate

Where the elephant and rhinoceros dream

He wears a khaki uniform

The guard is not alone

But even with his little hungry army

The guard cannot be everywhere

The hunters are many

And they have already eaten and slept

He must sleep and dream of eyes in the back of his head

There are holes in the fence

Here and there and there

The elephants and rhinoceros get fat from leaves and grass and nuts

But there are grumbling tummies

And worried mothers

And men from far away waving

Big money.

For those toenail rhino horns

And the ivory tusks

Feed your babies and your neighbors babies

Here are guns and saws

You know where the elephants and rhinoceros dream

Those dreams once covered the continent of Africa

The guard at the gate thinks “everyday

I could feed my babies

And my little brave army

With just one tusk or horn

But who will take my place at the gate?

They will all be dead in no time

And forever.”

And he knows

Forever is coming too fast anyway.

Then the guard,

Who will have to find a new job

Can leave the gate and his dreams

Of eyes in the back of his head.

-Dave Matthews

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Dave messes up the riff to Shotgun requested by pantala-naga-champa (x)

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before some devil starts, this guy was like ” hey, you know “some devil” backwards is “live demos”? and we were like ok

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if only physical album covers could be gifsdmbdave matthews bandlivedave dancequeued
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Anyone else seeing Dave tonight?

Anyone else seeing Dave tonight?

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This week’s SOTW come courtesy of drunkenssoldier, enjoy!

(Source: Spotify)

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